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RCC-M quality inspector

Gis-Mic for Areva NP
Depuis février 2017
  • October to December => Support to the Quality Department - Update of End-of-Manufacturing Reports (RFF).
  • - Review source documents to identify those relating to quality findings.
  • - Define the exchange process with the RFF teams.
  • _________________________________________________________________________
  • February to October => Support to the Inspection Department - Documentary Review - Treatment of folders of the Creusot Forge :
  • - Listing of requirements and identification of deviations on any component of the primary circuit.
  • - Realization of inspection guides according to a precise manufacturing process for each component reviewed.
  • - Interface with the other inspection and quality teams dedicated to the same project.

Quality engineer

Alten for General Electric
Mars 2015 à juin 2015
  • Create quality codes permitting to revise the quality plans attributed on the component of Oil & Gas control valves.
  • Excel data collection.
  • Put in form the data : excel spreadsheets.
  • Control the quality of metallurgical parts and manage nonconformities.

Thermic process engineer

Août 2013 à mars 2014
  • Recover excel data : traction tests and process temperatures.
  • Put in form the data : excel graphs.
  • Analyzed results & writing of technical reports.
  • Control the quality of parts after treatments (hardness obtained) :
    -> metallographies : creations of metallographic samples.
    -> micrographies : measures of hardnesses.

Battery development engineer

ICMCB, CNRS, Universite de Bordeaux
Février 2012 à juillet 2012
  • Synthesize new diphosphates materials from mixtures of transition metals powdery (Ball mill).
  • Characterize these materials : TGA, SEM, XRD, thermic treatments.
  • Put in form the data : diffractograms, electrochemical curves, excel graphs.
  • Tests of repeated cycles on lithium batteries + data collection.

Technician of metallurgical control

Thermie Bourgogne Industrie, TBI sa
Avril 2009 à juin 2009
  • Analysis of the salt concentration of salt baths in the cementation and nitriding furnaces.
  • Program different baking times on these two furnaces.
  • Control the quality of parts after treatments (hardness obtained) :
    -> metallographies : creations of metallographic samples.
    -> micrographies : measures of hardnesses.
  • Put in forme the data : excel graphs.


Coatings & chemical formulation

Depuis septembre 2017

Distance learning
on the coatings and the chemical formulation.

German language

Maison Rhénanie-Palatinat at Dijon, France
Octobre 2016 à février 2017

Formation in small group with a native German professor, once a week.

2nd year in Research Master

Grenoble INP-Phelma, French Engineering School
Septembre 2015 à mars 2016

Resumption of studies by a formation on 6 months.
Level M2 (2nd year of the research master) in electrochemistry.

Materials Engineer

Troyes University of Technology - UTT, French Engineering School
Septembre 2010 à mars 2014

Engineering degree in materials. Speciality in chemistry and quality of materials.

1-year preparatory class to engineering schools

Gustave Eiffel, French Technical School
Septembre 2009 à juin 2010

Preparatory class adapted to superior technicians. Speciality in mathematics & industrial sciences.

HND in Materials Science

French University Institute of Technology, Chalon-sur-Saône
Septembre 2007 à juin 2009

2-years university degree in Materials Science and Engineering.
Speciality in physico-chemical and mechanical controls.


  • Batteries : Li-ion, PEMFC.
  • Corrosions : pitting and SCC.
  • Metals : Alloys, stainless steels, standardization.
  • Polymers : functionalization of surfaces.
  • Atmosphere corrosion : Salt spray test.
  • Hardness tests + tensile tests.
  • ICP-OES : chemical dosing.
  • Mechanosynthesis : Planetary ball mill.
  • Métallographic preparations.
  • Micrographies : micro/macrodurometer.
  • Optical microscope.
  • TGA, XRD, SEM.
  • Hot rolling, TIG
  • NDT : Liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle exam and US.
  • Surface treatments : Alumina coating, cementation, chemical stripping, electrogalvanization, nitriding.
  • French : Native speaker.
  • English : Operational proficiency (C1 level, BULATS Oral Test).
  • German : Basic proficiency (A1 level).
  • Spanish : Basic proficiency (A1 level).
  • Italian : Basic proficiency (A1 level).
  • Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory : BATLab.
  • Corrosions analyzes : VOLTALAB/VOLTAMASTER4 ("intensity-potential" curves).
  • Data analysis & graphics for electrochemical curves : ORIGIN PRO 8.
  • Inspection guide for the nuclear sector (creation and filling) : ADELE v2.
  • MS Office : Word, Excel, PPT.
  • Product quality project development : ENOVIA V6 PLM.
  • XRD analyzes : X'PERT HIGHSCORE.