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Quality Inspector

Leader in the Nuclear Sector
Depuis février 2017
  • Formation on the RCC-M code (2 weeks) + Mission Startup juste after.
  • Mission : Analyzes and reviews of manufacturing files concerning parts supplied by the Creusot forge (components of the primary loop of a nuclear reactor), parts mainly manufactured in the past.
    - Realize a technical assessment with the applicable referentials and identify deviations.
    - Establish sheets of technical deviations when non-conformities are detected.
    - Participation in pre-instructions of deviations identified.
    - Make the interface with the other teams of the inspection and of the quality dedicated to the same project.

Process Quality Engineer

Alten for General Electric
Mars 2015 à juin 2015
  • Created codes using the Enovia software to facilitate the revision of quality plans for control valve components.
  • Collected technical data : surface finishing treatment, type of testing, type of steel, characterization of the processes used in producing valves.
  • Created Excel pivot tables using summary data taken from customer specifications and determining which types of NDT to carry out for clients.
  • Updated the components data base and notified of incoming valve sub-assemblies, checked the metallic casting number allocated to mechanical retesting schedules and then migration of certain data to SAP.

Heat Treatment Engineer

Août 2013 à mars 2014
  • Assured the industrialization stage of two new grades of metal for two clients concerned (for Daimler in the automotive sector and for Quality Tubing in the Oil & Gas sector).
  • Research into the effects of process temperature changes on the tensile properties for the two grades : presentation of data in Excel charts.
  • Analyzed results & writing of technical reports.
  • Participated in the managing of the lab, checking installations/equipment, identifying & dealing with nonconformities, overseeing maintenance.

Development Engineer for Lithium Batteries

For the Gembatt Research group, French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) Chemistry Institute of Condensed Matter of Bordeaux (ICMCB)
Février 2012 à juillet 2012
  • Created diphosphate materials (batteries' positive electrodes) and developing Li-batteries in glove box.
  • Organising repeated cycle testing on Swagelok®-type cells.
  • Characterizations : mechanosynthesis (planetary mill), TGA, SEM, XRD, ICP-OES Spectrometry (chemical dosing) and Mössbauer spectroscopy.
  • Documenting the collected data following the different characterizations : XRD diffractogrammes, SEM images, thermogravimetric analysis, charging/discharging-type galvanostatic cycling curves, electrochemical derivatization curves.

Metallurgical Quality Control Technician

working for the Laboratory and Testing Division at Thermie Bourgogne Industrie, TBI sa
Avril 2009 à juin 2009
  • Kept a nomogram up-to-date recording data from new hardness tests on car safety valves, including the “evolution of the case depth of cementation for 16NC6 steel (for PSA, a client in the automotive) as a function of treatment time in this salt bath furnace”.
  • Provides technical support on the cementation furnace.
  • Metallographic analyzes & micrographic observations.
  • Perfomed daily chemical analyzes of salt concentration of two salt baths in the cementation and nitriding furnaces.


German language

Maison Rhénanie-Palatinat at Dijon, France
Octobre 2016 à février 2017

Formation in small group with a native German professor.

2nd year of Research Master

Grenoble INP-Phelma, French Engineering School
Septembre 2015 à mars 2016

2nd year of Research Master.
Specializations in Electrochemistry and Processes.
Resumption of studies by a formation on 6 months. Non-graduated.

Materials Engineer

Troyes University of Technology - UTT, French Engineering School
Septembre 2010 à mars 2014

Engineering degree in chemistry of materials. Specializations in Quality, Development & Norms/regulations.

1-year course for advanced technicians

Gustave Eiffel, French Technical School
Septembre 2009 à juin 2010

1-year course for advanced technicians, in preparation for the entrance examination of the leading French engineering schools (“Grandes Écoles”).
Specialization in industrial engineering.

Higher National Diploma

French University Institute of Technology, Chalon-sur-Saône
Septembre 2007 à juin 2009

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Materials Sciences and Engineering. Specializations in physicochemical and mechanical controls.

High school scientific baccalaureate

Gustave Eiffel, French Technical School
Septembre 2004 à juin 2007

High school scientific baccalaureate.
Specialization in engineering sciences.


  • Corrosions : pitting and SCC.
  • Metals : Alloys, stainless steels, standardization.
  • Polymers : functionalization of surfaces.
  • Ceramics : Synthesis, aluminas.
  • Composites : reinforcements, matrices.
  • Glasses : families, optical fibers.
  • Semiconductors : diodes, lasers.
  • Atmosphere corrosion : Salt spray test.
  • Hardness tests : HB, HRC, HV scales.
  • ICP-OES : chemical dosing.
  • Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
  • Mechanical tests : Tensile test.
  • Mechanosynthesis : Planetary ball mill.
  • Métallographic preparations.
  • Micrographies : micro/macrodurometer.
  • SEM, optical microscope.
  • TGA, DSC
  • XRD, XRF.
  • Batteries : Li-ion, PEMFC.
  • Casting processes : Lost-wax, sand.
  • Processes of fabrication : hot rolling.
  • NDT : UT, Radiography.
  • Surface treatments : Alumina coating, cementation, chemical stripping, electrogalvanization, nitriding.
  • Welding processes : TIG, HFI.
  • French : Native speaker.
  • English : Operational proficiency (C1 level, BULATS Oral Test).
  • German : Basic proficiency (A1 level).
  • Spanish : Basic proficiency (A1 level).
  • Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory : BATLab.
  • Corrosions analyzes : VOLTALAB/VOLTAMASTER4 ("intensity-potential" curves).
  • Data analysis & graphics : ORIGIN PRO 8.
  • MS Office : Word, Excel, PPT, Excel-VBA.
  • Product quality project development : ENOVIA V6 PLM.
  • Project management : MS Project 2007.
  • XRD analyzes : X'PERT HIGHSCORE.
  • Aeronautics : EN 9100, PRI-Nadcap.
  • Automotive : TS 16949.
  • Directives : RoHS, WEEE.
  • EN : 10002-1, 10204.
  • ISO : 9001, 14001, 17025.
  • Procedures : 5S, 8D, conduct an audit, Kaizen-Hoshin, PDCA, PPAP, SMED, TPM.
  • Regulations : REACH, CFC/HCFC.
  • Tools : FMECA, Poka-yoke.
  • Valves : ASME B16.34.


  • In March 2014 (a week) : tourism at Stockholm (Sweden) & Helsinki (Finland).
  • In August 2005 (two weeks) : language studies abroad at Hastings (England).